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Lack of entrepreneurship skills responsible for high unemployment numbers - Ocici

Daily Monitor, 27th Jul, 2012 by Abdu Kiyaga

Enterprise Uganda Executive Director, Charles Ocici has said that poor entrepreneurship skills among the youths is the major cause of unemployment in the country. Speaking before alumnus of the Madhvani Foundation scholarship scheme over the weekend Mr Ocici said that the failure by many graduates to have practical skills and narrow perception by many of the real value of education was driving up unemployment numbers.

Madhvani’s 50 year scholarships hit Shs600 million

Daily Monitor, 14th May, 2012 by Christine Katende

Counting among the ranks of promising young people it has helped realise their dreams prominent names like retired Supreme Court Judge Professor George Kanyeihamba, senior environment specialist Edward Nantamu, senior quantity surveyor Philly Mpata among many others, the Madhvani Foundation, founded at the same time Uganda gained independence will mark this year on a new high, hitting Shs600million in scholarship offers.

Madhvani scholarships back for 2012

The Observer, 13th May, 2012 by Immaculate Wanyenze

For Franco Tumuhimbise, an accountant at the East African Business Week, if it was not for the Madhvani scholarship, he would perhaps be a petty trader in Mbarara.

Tumuhimbise tells the story of how he grew up in a poor family in Mbarara where his parents only supported him up to primary six. Thereafter, he survived by living in a makeshift tent for six years.

Beneficiaries give back to Madhvani

New Vision Online, 14th Jun, 2011 by Arthur Oyako

Following the death of her parents who were her sole providers, Lois Bayigga had lost all hopes of ever completing her Biomedical Laboratory Technology degree at Makerere University.

Scholarship beneficiaries give back to Madhvani

The Observer, 31st Oct, 2010 by Immaculate Wanyenze

Beneficiaries of the Madhvani scholarship have pledged to contribute to the scholarship foundation so that it can assist more needy Ugandans. The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation has been instrumental in Uganda’s education, especially in the field of technical and science subjects. The scholarship is given on an annual basis. Established in 1962, the scholarship benefited 49 students in 2003; 71 in 2004; 93 in 2005; 117 in 2006; 152 in 2007; 159 in 2008 and175 in 2009 and 149 this year.

Madhvani gives out scholarships

New Vision Online, 28th Sep, 2010 by Chris Kiwawulo

The Madhvani foundation has announced the names of the recipients for scholarships in the academic year 2010 - 2011. This academic year has seen the biggest amount of money ever donated by the foundation.

Hope for bright, needy students

New Vision Online, 18th May, 2010 by Arthur Baguma

Madhvani Foundation

Underprivileged Ugandan students pursuing science based degrees stand a chance to win scholarships worth $250,000 (sh500m) from the Madhvani Foundation for the 2010/11 university academic year.

Henry Kyemba, the chairman of the scholarships committee, said the funds have been set aside to facilitate brilliant yet underprivileged students at university. The scholarships would only be available to potential applicants for undergraduate courses after their first year of study.

Madhvani scholarships ready

Daily Monitor, 17th May, 2010 by Christine Katende

Madhvani Foundation last week launched a Shs500million scholarship programme to be used by university students in the academic year 2010-2011. The funds have been set aside to facilitate brilliant yet underprivileged students pursuing scientific and technical degrees in Ugandan universities.

Building on the legacy of a family business

Daily Monitor, 11th May, 2010 by Sumin Namaganda

Everyone sees the family business as a safety net. If you fail in the corporate world, you can always put your talent to work at the family business. But if your family doesn’t prepare, that safety net likely won’t be around for the next generation.

Madhvani Foundation offers scholarships in Uganda for hotel management and environmental studies

eTN, 11th May, 2010 by Prof. Wolfgang H. Thome, Ph.D.

The annual award process of scholarships worth 500 million Uganda shillings is now underway again, as it is every year, and applications must be received by the foundation by May 31 for scholarships available in the field of hotel management and environmental studies, both fields important for Uganda and the tourism and wildlife sectors. Successful applicants will have their tuition fees paid directly to the institution of higher learning of their choice while all other study and living expenses are to be met by the students selected.

Madhvani Foundation launches $250,000 scholarship programme

Business Week, 10th May, 2010 by Paul Mwijagye

The Madhvani Foundation has launched a scholarship programme worth UShs500m (about US$250, 000) to be used for university scholarships by students in the 2010/2011 university academic year.

Madhvani offers Shs 500m scholarships

The Observer, 9th May, 2010 by John Musinguzi

University scholarships worth about Shs 500 million are now on offer by Madhvani Foundation. Announced by the Scholarship Committee Chairman, Henry Kyemba at Kampala Serena Hotel on May 4, the closing date for applications is May 31.