Madhvani Warns on Bursary Fraudsters

Daily Monitor, 25th Jun, 2015 by Leilahh Nalubega

Kampala. The Madhvani Foundation has cautioned the public against unscrupulous people purporting to help them access the foundation's scholarships

The remarks came amid reports that some fraudsters were selling Madhvani Foundation Scholarship application forms for Shs50,000 and promising to get names of students onto the shortlist if they paid Shs200,000.

"We conduct our affairs very transparently and do not tolerate any form of canvassing. Our application forms are sold for a stationery fee of Shs2,000 at our offices in Industrial Area, while on the website they can be downloaded for free," Mr. Roni Madhvani, the Madhvani Group director said in a recent statement.

He said the foundation had already opened a criminal file based on the reports. He requested any victim of the scam to immediately report the matter to the foundation offices.

Educationl fraud negativel impacts on the generous work the foundation has done and is still doing," he added.