1. Who is eligible to apply for funding?

    For Undergraduate Funding

    Students who have completed their first year of University.

    For Post Graduate Funding

    Students who have completed a first degree and wish to pursue a masters.

  2. What does the Foundation's contribution cover?

    The scholarship covers only tuition fees from second year to completion for undergraduates and tuition fees for the entire programme for post graduate students.

  3. Where can I get application forms?

    Our application forms are sold for a stationery fee of UGX Shs 2,000 at our offices in Industrial Area. They are also available at most Universities at no cost.

    Alternatively, you may download them from the website free of charge.

  4. Does the Foundation provide support for students who wish to pursue their studies overseas?

    No. The Foundation supports students pursuing studies at any University in Uganda only.

  5. What courses fall under the terms of the Foundation?

    This year the courses that fall under the Foundation funding are;

    • Agriculture,
    • Biology,
    • Chemistry,
    • Actuarial Science,
    • Architecture,
    • Veterinary Medicine,
    • Commerce,
    • Hotel Management,
    • Pharmacy,
    • Nursing,
    • Engineering,
    • Food Science & Technology,
    • Information Technology,
    • Environment, and
    • Medicine.
  6. Are the courses open to students of any nationality?

    The scholarship programme is open only to Ugandan Citizens.

  7. Does the Madhvani Foundation provide employment opportunities for graduates?

    The Foundation can only provide recommendations to any prospective employers. However some of the students sponsored by the Madhvani Foundation have managed to secure jobs with the Madhvani Group.

  8. How does the committee choose the scholarship recipients?

    The selection of candidates is based on merit, competence, candidate’s ability and the financial status of parents or guardians.

  9. Can I apply for the scholarship if I’ve already obtained financial support from elsewhere?

    No. Students already on sponsorships from elsewhere are not eligible to apply.

  10. What are the academic requirements when applying for the scholarship?

    For Undergraduate Studies

    Completion of the First Year at the University with a minimum CGPA of 2.2. Students with a CGPA of less then 2.2 are not eligible to apply.

    For Post Graduate Studies

    The eligibility is a minimum of a degree in a related field of further studies of the eligible discipline.