The Muljibhai Madhvani Alumni Association

The Madhvani Foundation Alumni association MASS is voluntary organization made up of former beneficiaries of the Scholarships scheme. MASS was formally launched in July 2009 and aims to bring together all former students who have successfully completed their studies. The main purpose of the organisation is to provide networking opportunities and further the goals of the founder of the scholarship scheme Muljibhai Madhvani who firmly believed that the only way to develop Uganda is to invest in the education of its people.

Do I Qualify to Join

Membership of the association is open to all former beneficiaries of the scholarships scheme who have successfully completed their studies. Other criteria including voting rights and fees are listed in the constitution.

The Constitution

The workings of the organisation are regulated by a constitution that was adopted by the executive in 2010.

Organizational Structure

MASS is a legally registered entity headed by a Chairman who heads an executive committee consisting of a Vice Chairperson, a secretary, a Treasurer and an Organizing Secretary.

Current Office Bearers

Muljibhai Madhvani Alumni Association Plans

The MMASS executive committee has high hopes and expectations for the Alumni association and one of its prime objectives is to be self sustaining rather than continue to be supported by the foundation board.

The committee hopes to one day contribute actively and significantly to the education of Uganda's less privileged. Their enthusiasm has encouraged them to make big plans for the association and these include the creation of an investment club which would see the association carrying out significant business transactions so as to support itself, build its members and contribute to the scholarship fund for future Madhvani Foundation beneficiaries.