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Facing life after a scholarship

Daily Monitor, 6th Dec, 2013 by Paul Tajuba

Majority if not all students go to school with hopes of getting a job after graduation but this does not come to pass as exemplified in the skyrocketing unemployment currently standing at 83.5percen according to Uganda Bureau of Statistics abstract report 2013 amongst the youths who are the majority in the Uganda. In fact, some universities are now advocating for a wholistic approach to education where students graduate with ability to create jobs rather than seeking which is currently enslaving many graduates.

Madhvani Foundation recognizes best performing graduates

Ceo Magazine, 22nd Nov, 2013 by Patrick Kagenda

The Madhvani foundation has recognised its best performing graduates and inaugurated them into the Madhvani Foundation Alumni Association. The students Birabwa Joanita, Acana Miriam, Akakwasa Arthur, Emwogu Thomas and Mugisha Faridah successfully completed their courses and graduated recently. The five were awarded with membership certificates of the Madhvani Foundation Alumni Association by the vice chairman of the Alumni Emmanuel Ngolobe at the Madhvani Group offices.

150 students get Madhvani scholarships

New Vision Online, 5th Sep, 2013

A Total of 150 university students have been awarded the Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation scholarships this year.This time round, the highest number of beneficiaries are coming from eastern Uganda, with 53, followed by central with 42, north 31, and western region 26 slots.

150 students win Madhvani scholarships

Daily Monitor, 29th Aug, 2013 by Paul Tajuba

More than 150 university students will benefit from the Madhvani Foundation scholarships this academic year after passing interviews. The Chairman of the scholarship committee, Mr Anthony Butele, revealed names of the beneficiaries of the 2013/14 academic year for scholarships at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in a statement yesterday.

Madhvani Foundation receives 1,400 applications

The Observer, 23rd Jun, 2013 by Trevor Solomon Baleke

Madhvani Foundation recently announced it had received scholarship applications in excess of 1,400 this academic year, from students in various universities across the country, who need financial assistance to complete their education.