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150 receive Madhvani scholarships

New Vision Online, 18th Aug, 2008 by Conan Businge

The Madhvani Foundation has awarded scholarships worth shs460m to 159 students.
In a Friday statement, the chairman of the foundation, Sam Rutega, said: “This has been the most competitive year since the offering of the scholarships started in the 60s.”

Madhvani Foundation releases 2008/2009 scholarships recipients list, 12th Aug, 2008

159 scholarships worth 460 million shillings have been awarded to University students who applied for funding from the Madhvani Foundation. Making the announcement in a press statement today the Chairman of the Madhvani Foundation Mr. Sam Rutega said “this has been the most competitive year so far..."

Madhvani offers 3 US Scholarships

eTN, 7th Aug, 2008 by Wolfgang Thome

The Madhvani Foundation, the charitable, social and civic corporate responsibility arm of Uganda’s leading industrial and hospitality conglomerate, has now partnered with the Zawadi Africa Educational Fund to provide five scholarships for gifted but economically disadvantaged young girls with strong leadership potential.

Getting online education funding is a possibility

Daily Monitor, 2nd Aug, 2008 by Kelvin Kizito Kiyingi

As a personal finance columnist, I receive several e-mails in reaction to what I have written. Some are requests for assistance, especially financial aid for university or would be university students. A few appear to have lost hope given their poor financial background.

Madhvani has scholarships for girls

The Observer, 30th Jul, 2008 by Moses Talemwa

Five Ugandan girls have a chance to win a scholarship to study abroad.
The Madhvani Foundation and the Zawadi African Educational Fund partnered to facilitate the scholarships.

Madhvani releases scholarships shortlist

Daily Monitor, 23rd Jul, 2008 by Mark Kirumira

The shortlist of candidates due for interviews for the Madhvani Foundation education scholarships in the 2008-2009 academic year has been released.

Madhvani charity shortlists 268

New Vision, 22nd Jul, 2008 by Winfred Kagwe

The Madhvani Foundation has short-listed 268 candidates for the 2008-2009 academic year scholarships. The foundation received over 1,000 applications in the fields of science, technology, commerce and medicine.

1,000 apply for Madhvani Scholarships

Daily Monitor, 18th Jun, 2008 by Ismail Musa Ladu

Over 1,000 applications from poor and struggling students at various higher institutions of learning in Uganda were recently handed over to the Chairman of the Madhvani Scholarship Committee, Henry Kyemba for possible selection into the Shs. 450 million – scholarship scheme.

Local agencies can fund your education

Daily Monitor, 20th May, 2008 by Kelvin Kizito Kiyingi

Sarah Najjemba was a struggling private student at Makerere University Business School (Mubs). She was an orphan, looking after her five siblings aged between 11 and 23 years, all in school. “I used to work and study at the same time so my grades were deteriorating, but when I got a scholarship my grades improved to such an extent that I obtained an upper second degree,” she recalls.

Madhvani Foundation to give $267,000 scholarships

East African Business Week, 20th May, 2008

The Muljibhai Madhvani Education Foundation will contribute a total of 450 million shillings (about US$267,000) towards its University scholarship programme for the 2008/2009 academic year.

Madhvani has Shs 450 million for needy students’ tuition

Weekly Observer, 15th May, 2008 by David Tash Lumu

University students in their second year who cannot afford tuition may apply for financial help from the Madhvani Education Foundation. The Foundation has Shs 450 million to pay tuition for deserving students in local universities during the 2008/2009 academic year. The money is mainly for undergraduate students. A few postgraduate students may also be considered.

Madhvani funds scholarships

Daily Monitor, 8th May, 2008 by Joseph Olanyo

The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation has since increased its scholarship funding from shs 400 million to shs 450 million to cope with the overwhelming demand of needy students and the rising tuition fees at higher institutions of learning.

Shs450m Madhvani scholarships

Daily Monitor, 7th May, 2008 by Mark Kirumira

The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation will this year, contribute Shs450m towards its University scholarship programme for the academic year 2008/2009.

Uganda: Madhvani Gives Sh400m for Scholarships

New Vision Online, 1st Apr, 2008 by Stephen Ssenkaaba

The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation will this year, offer over sh400m in university scholarships to Ugandan students for the 2008/2009 academic year. The funds will go to merit worthy students who lack financial backing in the fields of Agriculture, Sciences, Information Technology, Commerce and Medicine.

Madhvani Invests in Education

Daily Monitor, 24th Mar, 2008 by Ismail Musa Ladu & Zahra Abigaba

The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation is once again set to announce their annual Scholarships worth over Shs400 million to help bright needy students in higher institution of learning finish their studies.